Clorio Wallet makes it easy to use your Mina Protocol tokens. This are the official docs on how to use Clorio wallet.

Welcome to Clorio Wallet, these are the user docs in order to help you understand how to use Clorio wallet and send transactions on the Mina protocol.

What is Clorio?

Clorio is an open-source wallet for Mina Protocol, built with Javascript. With Clorio you can interact with the Mina blockchain by generating/using your private key or by using the Ledger hardware wallet. Clorio wallet doesn't send your private key out of the client app, all the transactions are signed in local or on your Ledger device. The nature of Clorio is self-custodian, this means that you are the only one responsible for safe-keeping your private key. We have no possibility to recover your lost keys, block transactions and we don't take any responsibility over software malfunction. You are essentially your own bank.

Can Clorio be trusted?

Clorio is under active development, but we recommend auditing the codebase yourself because by using Clorio Wallet you are the sole responsible person.

Where can I see the code and download the apps?

The source code of Clorio Wallet is available on Github together with the download link for Clorio Desktop app.

For further questions, please see the FAQ page.

The software is built by Carbonara from WeStake:Club⚡️ and is not affiliated to Mina Foundation or O(1)Labs.

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