These are the Frequently Asked Questions for your Mina Protocol tokens with Clorio wallet.


I sent 2 Mina but I received only 1 Mina?

The first transaction on the Mina Protocol deducts 1 Mina as a wallet creation fee. This a fee that is burned in the network and is relative to the Mina Protocol Blockchain.

Why can't I see my transaction history?

Sometimes it could happen that our server missed the block which contained your transaction, in that case, your transaction will not show in your wallet. It's best to compare your transaction history with minaexplorer.com and report the discrepancies to carbonara#5880 on Discord.

Is Clorio wallet audited?

Clorio has been audited from Least Authority. You can read more about the audit on their blog post.

How can I see my locked balance?

Hoover on your balance. If you have any locked balance, it will be displayed on a tooltip. Please note that the locked balance is only for Mina Grants and not in regarding the Mina Staking.


I staked but my balance is not locked. Why?

When you stake you are not locking your balance, the balance remains liquid and is always in your wallet under your control.

When does my delegation become effective?

On Mina Protocol, delegations take up to 2 epochs to become effective (around 30 days). Once your delegation is effective you'll start to accumulate rewards.

Why is my delegation is not showing?

If you just broadcasted your transaction then you need for it to be approved on the blockchain before it reflects in the staking hub.

If I make a delegation, how much am I staking?

When you make a staking delegation, you are delegating your whole stake to the validator. The tokens remain always in your account.

How do I unstake?

On Mina Protocol, there isn't an unstake feature. Since staking doesn't involve any risk (e.g. slashing) there is no point to unstake your stake.


Clorio says that my browser is not compatible with Ledger. Help?

Clorio uses the latest standards to ensure a high quality of the software. Clorio uses the new transportation method webhid instead of the widely adopted, but deprecated due to security concerns, U2F.

Webhid is a new technology that is still being adopted. At the time of writing this article, the Ledger integration is compatible natively with Chrome > v89, Chromium > v89 and Edge > v89. It might be possible to use Clorio with older versions of Chrome or with Opera, but you'd need to enable such features. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Firefox still doesn't support Webhid.

In case you can't log in with the right address:

Probably you are accessing the wrong address on your Ledger. Log out and log in with a different account index.

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