How to delegate Mina with Clorio Wallet
Delegating with Clorio is simple... Follow this easy steps to learn how to delegate your Mina Protocol tokens with Clorio wallet.
First of all, you have to log into your wallet.
Head to the Clorio web app or open the Clorio Desktop App and select Access with Ledger or Access with Private key.
Insert your Private key to log in to your wallet. Once the Private key is inserted, the button Access the wallet will be enabled, allowing you to enter inside your wallet.
On the left-side-menu click on Staking Hub item.
You will be brought to a new page, here you will have the staking status and the list of Validators.
To start delegating, you can click on the Delegate button on the row of the selected Validator, or you can manually delegate by clicking on the Custom delegation button.
If you need to choose a validator, Clorio is developed by Carbonara from By delegating with Carbonara from, you will have one of the lowest fees on the market (just 2%!) and you'll support the development of the ecosystem with tools like Clorio wallet. Payouts are made automatically.
You can filter the list by the search field on the top left side of the table.
After you click the Delegate button, a confirmation screen will show up.
Once you clicked on Confirm button you will be asked to insert a fee.
The field will be pre-compiled with the Average fee, but you can choose the one that you want.
After you clicked on Proceed button, you will be asked to put your Private key in order to proceed with the delegation.
If the Private key is valid the modal will disappear, then will pop out an alert on the bottom right side of the screen confirming that your transaction has been successfully broadcasted to the network.


If you are using a Ledger, Clorio will send all the information of the delegation to your Ledger in order to sign them on the device.
Please be sure that your Ledger is connected, Ledger Mina app is open and your device is unlocked and your browser meets the minimum requirements.
If there are no issues with the delegation data, Clorio will wait for the Ledger signature and then broadcast the transaction to the network.

Custom delegation

If you want to delegate someone that is not on the list, just click the button Custom delegation on the right side of the page.
A modal will show, asking you the Public key of the validator that you want to delegate.
Last modified 7mo ago
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